Our Staff
Our staff have been carefully chosen. They are highly qualified, extremely caring and have been extensively trained to meet our high standards for care.
Medical Care
Each and every staff at our daycare has been trained on First Aid and handling in case of emergencies .
Food and Nutrition
We take care of your child’s nutrition needs with a diet plan designed by a dietician, cooked in house under strict supervision and served with a dose of love and attention
Sleep and Entertainment
A well-balanced timetable ensures that your child gets his short naps and the right entertainment with games, TV etc.
Development Dockit
A unique assessment of your child which is shared with parent every month in detail .
CCTV Provision at the Daycare center, enabling you to capture your child’s moment by walking into the center at any time of the day
Participation by Children
Each and every child above the age of 2 years is made to participate in various events like ANNUAL DAY AND SPORTS DAY. In addition , all festivals and national celebrations are celebrated at the daycare . Parents too are invited in most of them. So perfect Parent-Child Partnership and Quality Bonding time.
Age group
The age group that our daycare caters to is 1 year to 10 year.
Transportation Facility
We offer transportation facilities for safeness of the kids. The school will not release a student to anyone other than the custodial parent or guardian without the parent’s written permission.